Classes & Workshops




Level I Ancestral Cuisine Series

This six-week exploration will unearth ‘sacred food’ principles employed by our healthy indigenous ancestors the world over, groups renowned for unparalleled immunity to both infectious and degenerative disease. We’ll delve deep into the last remaining eye-witness accounts of super-human specimens still in adherence to their ancient traditional food-ways when the ‘displacing foods of modern commerce’ made their appearance. Dr. Weston A. Price’s seminal manuscript Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, the research material of which boasts some fifteen thousand photographs, will serve as our passport on this life-changing journey. Once required reading at Harvard Medical School, now more than ever this wealth of ancestral knowledge may hold the key to our very survival as a species.

Dividing our time between discussion and hands-on kitchen skill-building, each class will tackle one of the six fundamentals, guarded as closely by our wise ancestors as warfare secrets. We’ll take an up-close and personal view of our modern health crises: autism spectrum & autoimmune disorders, dementia, heart disease and most frightening of all perhaps, infertility, through the lens of deep-nutrition. Resurrecting the culinary practices of the last remaining groups observed to embody the highest expression of genetic wealth: safe, certain and successful reproduction, nearly perfect immunity from infectious and degenerative disease, and naturally-achieved longevity; we’ll fill in the culinary blanks the industrial food stranglehold of the last century left behind.

Level II Ancestral Cuisine Series

Bringing all six principles of ancestral cuisine to the table is the goal of this six-week series of ‘all hands on deck’ luncheon prep & dining workshops. Watch our fundamentals come to life as we create meal after mouth-watering meal, incorporating the concepts and skill-set of our Level I Ancestral Cuisine education in the preparation of each and every dish. When the hostess rings the dinner bell, welcome the opportunity to relax and break bread with your fellow foodies, forging relationships sure to support you on your continued real-food journey. Receive help clarifying your traditional food prep goals and collecting the organizational strategies you’ll need to achieve them, as we discuss topics pertinent to launching your very own real food kitchen:

  • scheduling a weekly prep routine in the midst of a busy life
  • getting everyone out the door well-nourished each morning
  • packing lunches that will get eaten
  • stocking the pantry for those last-minute dinner emergencies
  • prioritizing & budgeting for the highest quality sourcing you can afford
  • leveraging the concept of nutrient-density to cut costs
  • keeping the creative menu-planning juices flowing throughout each season
  • allowing your senses to guide you to the source of deepest-nutrition when shopping
  • soliciting the family’s cooperation with the new kitchen protocol
  • getting those ‘picky-eaters’ onboard

Best of all, leave each workshop with at least four brand new recipes spawned from the bounty of our local, seasonal food shed, along with the vendor tips and introductions you’ll need to secure the same impeccable sourcing when recreating our meals at home. If you’re in need of inspiration, this is the series for you!

GAPS: Gut & Psychology/Physiology Syndrome Nutritional Protocol Series

Built on the same ‘educate & satiate’ format as the Level II Series, this six-week/six meal culinary adventure will further hone our deep-nutrition skill set by strategically leveraging the six principles of ancestral cuisine to achieve not only expedited, but complete and lasting recovery via the GAPS Nutritional Protocol developed by Russian neurologist Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride.

Class discussions will revolve around successfully implementing the GAPS protocol in the relative long-term, by consistently bringing mouth-watering meals to table day in and day out, and as the seasons cycle through birthdays, holidays and other celebratory events. Although designed as a limited duration protocol, if a recurrence of former symptoms is to be avoided, the GAPS protocol must be implemented approximately eighteen months to two years.

Providing the GAPS patient or family a varied stream of creative, seasonally-inspired meals will ensure cheerful compliance long enough to achieve complete healing, and is the goal of this series. Adherence to this inspired protocol; embodying tenants of both ancient food wisdom and cutting-edge science, will demonstrate to those struggling with any one of the myriad disorders associated with ‘leaky-gut’ syndrome, the veracity of the adage ‘all healing begins in the gut’ when they come to experience almost unbelievably speedy relief from chronic symptoms.

Each class will involve the preparation of a ‘Full’ GAPS meal centered around the deeply satisfying ‘grease/guts/bones’ trilogy, and deliciously complimented by bubbly, highly probiotic fermented condiments & beverages and tangy homemade cultured creams, yogurts, kefirs & cheeses. Meals will begin with playful takes on traditional raw-meat appetizers, utilizing impeccably sourced ingredients along with techniques carefully preserved in ethnic cuisines around the world. Properly prepared ‘shoots’ in the form of sprouted nuts, seeds & beans will serve as easily digestible bases for soups, spreads, breads, and when combined with nutrient-dense animal fats & tropical oils, will translate effortlessly into gut-loving versions of favorite desserts. Come prepared to enjoy some of the most delicious meals you’ll ever experience, in or outside of this healing protocol.