Marci Tarvin



I was lucky - we were poor when I was growing up.  Which meant that we ate whatever my mom grew in the garden and my dad hunted or fished.  It was a pretty idyllic childhood - I had no idea we were poor and it turns out I was getting the best nutritional foundation money couldn’t buy!  

My first foray into seeing the impact of food in my life came when I was in elementary school.  My mom was reading a book about “childhood behaviors” to try and figure some things out for my younger brother, but as she read she kept saying “Marci does that, Marci does that” and it ultimately led her to cutting sugar, dyes and preservatives from our diet.  The impact of that choice was that I went from being the kid who needed to walk in circles around her desk at school as soon as she finished the assignment so as not to disrupt the rest of the class to the kid who could sit and focus and participate.  Thank God for those supportive teachers and my wonderful mom.  That was the first time diet changed the trajectory of my life.

The second time was not such a happy story - it was in high school.  By then I had a little money of my own, a little freedom of my own and you know I thought I knew it all!  The options for lunch at my high school made meals like chocolate donuts and chocolate milk or french fries and a coke for lunch a daily occurance.  Looking back I have no idea how I still functioned but as you can guess that’s when the migraines, horrible menstruation and moodiness came roaring into my life.  I know now that it was no coincidence. That it wasn’t “just those teenage hormones” but the impact of the Standard American Diet (SAD).

Fast forward to a successful career (i.e., working 24/7 and traveling 75% of my time) during which my home cooked meals dwindled to almost nothing so that by the time I met my husband and tried to start our family - you guessed it - I couldn’t get pregnant.  And so started the learning journey that led me through the next decade of my life, slowly peeling away layer after layer of misinformation, miseducation, and outright lies.  I started learning about organics and ancient grains when I realized my digestion was so much better when I ate in Europe than in the USA. I started learning about GMOs because of a corn allergy - when I learned that the list of things made from corn (and most corn in the USA is GMO) was 4 pages long single spaced and only a handful had the word “corn” in them.  I started learning about ancestral diets and the myth of the food pyramid when I finally got pregnant after 4 years of trying and 4 rounds of IVF.  Then I had to learn about toxicity in the body and how to remove it - because of the IVF but also because our oldest daughter has Down syndrome, and one of the complications of that genetic mutation is that her ability to detox herself is significantly compromised.  Which led me to learning about Glyphosate, EMFs and all the toxins in our modern lives. Which led me to GAPS and Annie.  Which pulled my oldest daughter back from the brink of autism. Which changed my life and my family's lives and therefore future generations of our family’s lives.  

Which made me want to share it all with everyone I came into contact with. It's made me want to shout from the rooftops and march on our government and hug a farmer. It's made me jump into conversations taking place one table over or one swing over at the playground.  It's made me want to draw together all the mothers (and those who someday hope to be mothers) and sit them down with a hot cuppa and not let them leave until they are as passionate about this as I am.

It is my absolute honor and deepest pleasure to be part of Lardmouth. To help spread the word of real nutrition, of feeding our bodies the way they were made, perfectly, to be fed.  To share with others, especially moms, how to embrace our sacred responsibility to nourish our families, to protect our planet, to provide for future generations. And to do it all with bacon!