GAPS Thanksgiving Dress Rehearsal/Run-Thru Workshop


Ahhh…Thanksgiving; the official start of the Holiday Season. Under the best of circumstances, we’ll recall it as a day of joyful reunion with family and friends, imbued with the sensory delights of a perfectly tender turkey and those sweet & savory sides, culminating in that warm, fuzzy, contented feeling we associate with these precious and fleeting weeks between now and New Year’s Day.

Or…well, I won’t venture a guess as to the specifics of your family’s ‘National Lampoon Holiday Vacation’ nightmare, but it’s probably safe to say we’ve all been there at least once. If nothing else, the internet has demonstrated that when it comes to ‘dysfunction’ it’s only the names and address that differ!

In the spirit of full disclosure, I will confess that I’ve yet to sort out my own family dynamic, so I can’t offer much beyond this little gem- the definition of a ‘functional family’ is any family with only one member- but what I have figured out is how to avoid this particularly dreaded scene around the holiday table.



This coming Tuesday, November 8th, I will lead a handful of intrepid Thanksgiving pilgrims on the GAPS holiday meal journey of a lifetime, as we explore the secrets of a fall-off- the-bone tender turkey (hint; no basting!) moist and savory grain-free stuffing, light & fluffy whipped faux-tatoes bathed in rich reduction gravy, effervescent winter fruit ferment, and the pumpkin dessert to end all pumpkin desserts. Best of all, after the tutorial we’ll all gather around our hostess’s lovely table to feast on the fruits of our labors and raise a toast to making this holiday season one for the ‘functional’ photo album!

I mean, aren’t the holidays challenging enough without the stress of trying to pull off a GAPS Thanksgiving feast for your immediate family while simultaneously attempting to ‘WOW’ uninitiated guests with dubious stand-ins for traditional favorites? Take it from someone who’s done it, it is more than just possible, with a menu like this one it’s a no-brainer to leave them not only pleasantly surprised and deeply satisfied, but begging you for your recipes!



Da-Le Ranch Bourbon-Butter Braised Turkey w/ Giblet/Crème Fraiche Reduction

Sage & Sausage/Sprouted Walnut & Cremini Mushroom Dressing

Roasted Heirloom ‘Cheddar’ Cauliflower & Parmesan Souffle

Fermented Cranberry/Apple/Fig & Candied Ginger Chutney

‘Sugar Pie’ Pumpkin Cheesecake Ice Cream w/ Chocolate Caramel Date Sauce


Date: Tuesday, November 8th

Time: 10AM to 2:30 PM

Location: Encinitas

Tuition: $75

Attire: Celebratory! After all, it’s Thanksgiving!

Drop me a line asap to secure your enrollment for one of the last available spots.