Spring 2018 Teacher Training


Spring 2018 Teacher Training

from 900.00

Tuition for the Lardmouth Certified Ancestral Cuisine Educator program is set at $2700. Although a full-program commitment is required, tuition payments of $950 per module may be arranged on an individual-needs basis. 

Tuition for the Lardmouth Certified Ancestral Cuisine Healer program is set at $900. 

Enrollment in both programs will entitle students to a $300 full-program tuition discount only available to students who remit the entire tuition for both tracks at the time of enrollment.

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Prerequisites for Track One are completion of the Lardmouth Level I & II Ancestral Cuisine Series for those in the San Diego/Los Angeles areas, and completion of the Lardmouth Online Level I Ancestral Cuisine Series for those further afield.

Prerequisites for Track Two are completion of the Ancestral Educator Track One as well as GAPS Intro or by special approval based on commensurate experience.

Reliable internet is a must for successful participation in the online, interactive video portions of both programs, so applicants must be willing and able to secure/demonstrate such access before gaining acceptance to either program. Some technical skills are required for video making, but we are confident that we can assist you with this are should you feel the need - don’t let that hesitation stop you!

Enrollment will be secured in the order of application, and space in both programs is limited.  Once the maximum number of students have been accepted/enrolled, all others will be considered for the next session, which at this time we anticipate may be in the Fall of 2018 or possibly not until 2019. Please contact us if you have any questions.