A Plea


I’m having a profound crisis of spirit today, and I’m reaching out to each & every one of you for help.  Six weeks ago I entered my tenth, and what now appears to be final year in the service of those individuals in our community seeking a means by which they might exercise personal agency over their own and their children’s health.  I have had the great honor and privilege of sharing the tenants of ancestral cuisine—tenants which have sustained generation after healthy generation; imparting to souls both wise and humble, the secrets of fertility, immunity and longevity bequeathed by our predecessors, to individuals and groups throughout San Diego County.

Although my tenure and reach as an educator has been relatively short, I have nonetheless witnessed an almost impossible-to-grasp increase in chronic, degenerative conditions in young and old alike.  Diseases and disorders of both a physiological and psychological nature, manifesting in the cruelest of ways, and interrupting the individual’s God-given right to the pursuit of happiness at an alarming rate. 

At present I am working with a family who, while attempting to cope with the father and bread-winner’s life-altering health trauma, was stricken with a life-altering health event in one of their children.  I am now charged with the task of facilitating a loving, committed, and utterly exhausted wife and mother as she implements a healing protocol for not one, but two terrifying, crippling and baffling conditions-- while simultaneously attempting to make sense of what has befallen her family.  I do not hesitate to admit that I feel out of my emotional depth.  In spite of years engaged in this work, her frightened and confused pleas for an explanation, for guidance, for comfort and reassurance are absolutely heart-breaking.

It has been determined by those who study such things, that each person stricken with an illness or injury will require two people to care for them.  How do I explain to this near desperate woman, that the math of her family’s situation simply doesn’t add up?  How can I, in the scope of a few short hours a week, offer her the emotional support she needs to begin sorting out and coming to terms with her new normal, while simultaneously providing the practical and affordable assistance she’ll require to implement a daunting, labor-intensive and time-consuming healing protocol?  How can I assure her that all will be well, while she’s signaling-- in no uncertain terms, that she’s going down for the count?  And she’s just one of the dozens of earnest and overwhelmed individuals I work with, who daily rise to meet the challenge of chronic illness and disability, and the utter havoc it wrecks on their lives and families.

When I began my teaching journey, it was a fairly straight-forward proposition to educate my reasonably healthy students in the basics of preserving their genetic inheritance.  Today, and for the last several years, it’s felt like an uphill battle-- and more and more frequently, an utterly futile endeavor.  Arming my clients and students with tools-- once more than adequate to achieve and maintain health,  but which now prove wholly incapable of staving off the onslaught of healthy-robbing influences we are daily exposed to, seems a fool’s errand in the extreme. 

Why, I ask myself, are the same principles that served to dispatch good health to committed students just a decade ago, proving so much less effective at preventing and/or reversing disease today?  Believe me, I have wracked my brain trying to answer this question.  Minds much greater than my own have done the same, and although puzzle pieces have been unearthed one by one for many years, it wasn’t until this morning that an interview arrived in my email in-box that put the final piece into place.

I have had to come to terms with the fact that I am no longer capable mentally, emotionally or physically, of serving as a middle-man for this information.  It occurred to me this morning that my misguided attempts to sound the alarm by peppering my social media outlets with pathetic and impotent ‘Chicken Little’ clucks of “The sky is falling!” are an utterly ridiculous and impotent exercise.  I am forced to admit that absorbing, processing, translating and funneling news so horrifying that even tenured professionals blanch in the face of it, is laughably beyond my scope, and I won’t attempt it one more day.

Instead I am calling upon you, my readers, fellow Americans, parents and Earth-dwellers, to listen to this  interview, and then join me in my struggle to comprehend what presents as a ‘day too late’ revelation of epic proportions.  I implore each and every one of you to commit the time necessary to view this interview in its entirety—preferably with as many like-minded and concerned folks of you circle as you can prevail upon, and then comment below to deepen and widen the conversation.  I am beyond weary, and will most gratefully welcome your engagement in this effort to inform, enlighten and rally our fellow citizens. 

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