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Spring 2018 Teacher Training

  • Online Class San Diego, CA (map)

Are you feeling called to share your passion for “deep nutrition” beyond your circle of loved ones?  Called to make a life-changing impact on your greater community and the world at large? Have you had a life-changing healing experience and now you’re on fire to share with everyone else?

If you’re anything like us, real food is more than just bone broth and grass-fed butter… it’s an all encompassing life-style change that affects every aspect of who you are and how you move through the world.  Once you’ve experienced the difference an ancestral approach to nourishment can make, it’s almost impossible to keep it to yourself!

Spring 2018 Teacher Training
from 900.00

Tuition for the Lardmouth Certified Ancestral Cuisine Educator program is set at $2700. Although a full-program commitment is required, tuition payments of $950 per module may be arranged on an individual-needs basis. 

Tuition for the Lardmouth Certified Ancestral Cuisine Healer program is set at $900. 

Enrollment in both programs will entitle students to a $300 full-program tuition discount only available to students who remit the entire tuition for both tracks at the time of enrollment.

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