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Online - Level I Ancestral Cuisine Series

This six-week exploration will unearth ‘sacred food’ principles employed by our healthy indigenous ancestors the world over, groups renowned for unparalleled immunity to both infectious and degenerative disease. We’ll delve deep into the last remaining eye-witness accounts of super-human specimens still in adherence to their ancient traditional food-ways when the ‘displacing foods of modern commerce’ made their appearance. Dr. Weston A. Price’s seminal manuscript Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, the research material of which boasts some fifteen thousand photographs, will serve as our passport on this life-changing journey. Once required reading at Harvard Medical School, now more than ever this wealth of ancestral knowledge may hold the key to our very survival as a species.

Dividing our time between discussion and hands-on kitchen skill-building, each class will tackle one of the six fundamentals, guarded as closely by our wise ancestors as warfare secrets. We’ll take an up-close and personal view of our modern health crises: autism spectrum & autoimmune disorders, dementia, heart disease and most frightening of all perhaps, infertility, through the lens of deep-nutrition. Resurrecting the culinary practices of the last remaining groups observed to embody the highest expression of genetic wealth: safe, certain and successful reproduction, nearly perfect immunity from infectious and degenerative disease, and naturally-achieved longevity; we’ll fill in the culinary blanks the industrial food stranglehold of the last century left behind.

Online - Level I Ancestral Cuisine Series
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Class will meet from 10AM-12:30PM PST for six consecutive Thursdays from 2/8 through 3/15.

6 week online class diving into the 6 principles of ancestral cuisine.


  • 15 hours of live, online instruction
  • In-depth, weekly follow up notes; class summary, links & recipes
  • 6 kitchen technique & skill-building video tutorials
  • Our top-pick 'real food' reading list
  • Unlimited email Q & A for the duration of the program
  • 20% discount on private, one-on-one consultation for the entirety of 2018
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