Lardmouth Ancestral Cuisine Academy Announces the Spring 2018 Teacher Training Program

Are you feeling called to share your passion for “deep nutrition” beyond your circle of loved ones?  Called to make a life-changing impact on your greater community and the world at large? Have you had a life-changing healing experience, and now you’re on fire to share with everyone else?

If you’re anything like us, real food is more than just bone broth and grass-fed butter… it’s an all encompassing life-style change that affects every aspect of who you are and how you move through the world.  Once you’ve experienced the difference an ancestral approach to nourishment can make, it’s almost impossible to keep it to yourself!

My own ten year journey as an educator culminated last year with the launch of the Lardmouth Ancestral Cuisine Academy and the very first round of teacher trainees to participate in a deep dive, year-long, online certification program.  This year, Lardmouth Academy is happy to announce that registration is again open for the next round of Teacher Trainees!  Space in the program is limited; enrollment will be secured on a first-come/first-served basis, and will close February 28th.

Also check out the Level I Ancestral Cuisine Series starting February 8th!

6 week online class diving into the 6 principles of ancestral cuisine.


  • 15 hours of live, online instruction

  • In-depth, weekly follow up notes; class summary, links & recipes

  • 6 kitchen technique & skill-building video tutorials

  • Our top-pick 'real food' reading list

  • Unlimited email Q & A for the duration of the program

  • 20% discount on private, one-on-one consultation for the entirety of 2018


Class starts March 15, 2018. Interested in learning more?

Ready to enroll?